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10-10-2011, 10:48 AM
Dear Sir/Madam ,

Hello and Good Morning !!My name is Rebecca Alexopoulou , and I am 36 years old .I am bilingual Greek/English .And , I am in my final Year of my Bachelor's Degree in French studies .I have also ; already studied two years of my BA(Honours) in French Studies and LInguistics .With Salford University .And , presently speaking , I am studying towards my BSc .In Social Sciences .
I do work as a Freelance Translator and Interprter .For a company called:Language Empire .And , I also Tutor .I give private lessons , in Greek/French and English .As a foreign Language .At all various levels .e.g. Beginner's, Intermediate , Advanced .Higher Educational Level , and Adults Casual learning purposes.
My contact Details , are all shown on my Profile , name :Mariee
I do so look forward to recieving both loads of e-mails .Plus loads of phone CALL .

As I have already explained with the above information .I am a Student at University .Studying French Studies with Social Sciences .BA(Honours) .B(Sc) .

I am greek english .And , I do tutor in french(Beginner's , Intermediate , Advanced .Plus University Level , primarily .) .Also I do give lessons in Greek (Again at all levels .)Plus , English , as a Foreign Language .Particularly For University Students .who may wish to either brush up their Linguistic skills .Or learn another Language .I do also so ,give lessons in English .Like for example .But , to student's whose native spoken Language , is not English it's self!!!

So , as soon as you think that you want to arrange lessons .Please , do contact me .Either via Web-site .Or phone .~ . I hope to hear from you , very soon .

I do travel a lot so I have students , all over the U.k .!!!
Rebecca .:eek::confused::D

Please also do not forget to email me , (Mariee) . As soon as you see this Ad .